Kyle has helped varying types of people with varying degrees of need. Just see what current clients have to say.


“Kyle’s services have been invaluable to our family. When my dad has had unexpected falls, Kyle has arrived promptly to help my mom lift him back up, even if it was in the middle of the night. He is a courteous and professional and I would highly recommend his services.”

– Olivia


“Working multiple jobs, I have found myself overwhelmed with the amount of little inconveniences that seem to add up out of nowhere. Many times, Kyle has returned items for me, brought me meals when I was working late and could not get away, not to mention picking up items I had shipped to the store. I don’t know what I would have done without his services that manages to keep me sane during my hectic work schedule.”

– Cass


“Recently Kyle took me to the airport and picked me up after a week long trip. My flight out was actually cancelled, and Kyle was flexible and helped me as I was making alternative flight arrangements. You’ll feel taken care of when you use Kyle’s Concierge Services!”

– Tony


“I had an on-going construction project in my home. I used Kyle’s Concierge Services to wait for the various contractors and coordinate the opening and closing of the premises as work was completed each day. The construction was completed without me having to take off any time from work. Kyle’s Concierge Services was critical in reducing the stress of the remodeling project.”